In 2009 I started doing a monthly column for Wired UK. It was completely thrilling. They also made me a Contributing Editor. I managed to keep it going for quite a while. The online archive seems to have gone now, which is perhaps a blessing since it mostly recorded the various ways the illustrators they found made me look very fat.

I've ploughed through the Wayback Machine and found links to most of the old columns. Plus some miscellaneous other bits I did.

May 2016 - 29 reasons to love PowerPoint

Feb 2015 - Slagging off Uber while trying to follow a brief of being nice about Uber

January 2014 - Awkward moments from the future of computing

April 2012 - History will remember Samuel Pepys blog

August 2011 - Make things not media platforms

December 2010 - On robots

November 2010 - On longevity

October 2010 - Digital heirlooms

September 2010 - On words

August 2010 - On endings

July 2010 - On reality

June 2010 - On the structure of time

May 2010 - Going out to play

April 2010 - The value of metadata

March 2010 - Spam, Spamlets and Spambots

February 2010 - The irrationality of watches

January 2010 - What will the countryside of the future look like?

December 2009 - Bionic noticing and Transparency mania

November 2009 - Meat is more important than meta

October 2009 - can't seem to find one

September 2009 - can't seem to find one

August 2009 - Like a bathroom mirror, the screen shows only flaws

July 2009 - The rich can't get a better OS than the rest of us

June 2009 - What if Amazon S3 could store our physical stuff, too?

May 2009 (Launch issue) - I'm not a zen monk, I'm doing my expenses